Every once in a while, you run across a short-term rental that radiates professionalism.

Not only do they have the interior design and customer service down, but they’re doing a little extra ‘something’ that makes you trust them.

They’ve got ‘that thing.’

A certain professionalism.

They have branded their property in such a way that they rise handily above their competition and sit on par with the best hotels in the world.

Let’s face it: when we book at the Four Seasons, we know we are in for a top-drawer experience – heavenly mattress, beautiful decor, fluffy white towels, and impeccable room service; when we book a vacation rental, on the other hand, we cannot absolutely count on the same. Even if the reviews and interior design are stellar, we know we’re still taking a risk.

It’s a small risk, but still a risk.

So how do you make your Airbnb or vacation rental seem less risky and more trustworthy? Or in short, more professional?

You have to understand how to brand yourself.

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