On June 21st of this year, HomeAway announced that they would no longer distribute booking lead email addresses and phone numbers, creating concerns about the changing algorithms and policies of listing sites. The NAVIS product and engineering teams rolled up their sleeves and began working on a solution that would enable property managers to maintain their ability to service and nurture rental demand given these new listing site realities. This important product update will allow NAVIS clients’ inquiry data to still be captured and consolidated into one lead with Narrowcast.

“We are extremely pleased to announce to the vacation rental industry that as of August 7, we’ve launched and rolled-out a technology update for our popular NAVIS Narrowcast and NAVIS Reach solutions,” said NAVIS president and CEO Kyle Buehner. This innovation helps property managers maintain control of their rental reservation pipeline generated by HomeAway listing sites.”

NAVIS’ innovative update is the industry’s first solution developed among technology providers who serve property managers. Buehner added, “We were able to move swiftly and help our clients quickly adapt because of our technical integration with HomeAway’s listing site. We’ve also been through this before, helping hoteliers deal with these same challenges for years.”

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