Vacation rental managers and homeowners in traditional vacation markets are up in arms about the many changes at HomeAway since Expedia’s purchase of the company in late 2015.

VRM Intel receives daily complaints from vacation rental managers and homeowners about HomeAway’s latest changes and actions, which are largely related to its decisions to: charge additional fees to guests, require online booking, mask customer data to eliminate direct communications between managers/owners and shoppers, remove all manager/owner information from listings to reduce “leakage,” and threaten to remove listings for perceived infractions of the new policies.

However, several HomeAway representatives believe the angst among vacation rental managers and owners is unfair, especially when compared to Airbnb.

After all, Airbnb also charges guests added fees, and it requires online booking. Airbnb also masks customer data and often removes listings for any perceived violations. In fact, all of HomeAway’s actions mirror those of their number one competitor, Airbnb.

And there is more to come. Airbnb employs pricing suggestion tools and automation (widely reported to push down pricing), and it standardizes contracts and cancelation policies, initiatives that Expedia-owned HomeAway is expected to launch over the coming weeks and months.

So why is HomeAway the recipient of so much passionate criticism while Airbnb skates by?

The answer is both simple and complex.

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