A case study of how 50+ UK managers have “pulled together” and created a successful niche listing site to take direct bookings for over 12,500 properties. Here’s how and why. Learn more and how you can get involved.

Do you belong to any Facebook or Linkedin groups, any social communities or specialist forums? If the answer is yes, then this topic may not only interest you, but it will help your business prosper, develop new skills and grow the value of your business!

All these social media sites rely on people working within the same environment, communicating, sharing knowledge, opinions, images and life’s experiences. In fact, you are all working together to make a successful community platform, they help you connect at a distance, you feed them information and build an ever growing data set from which they make money.

Take a step back and look at how these Unicorns are monetizing their businesses. It’s advertising, smart and targeted of course but it’s not actually an intervention into your business life, but it does make tools available if you want to enhance the opportunity.

Read the full story at Rentivo.

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